Why Holidays Are Healthy

Sometimes it’s difficult to take a break. Especially if you love your job and you feel you need to be there supporting your team or your company, holidays may seem – sometimes – a bit of an imposition. Or perhaps you’re considering going away but taking your laptop and phone with you so you stay connected, just in case something happens.

Our immediate advice here is… don’t! Holidays should be taken seriously – in fact, as seriously as your work hours – especially because a few days of complete disconnection are indeed good for your health.


Whenever you go out, the first, most obvious difference is normally food. Some people are a bit squeamish about this one – especially children, who often refuse to eat whatever looks different to what they are used to.

However, we know you are brave. If, for instance, you decide to go to Brittany and end up in a small restaurant with a dish of Moules Marinières (steamed mussels with white wine, shallots, laurel leaf and thyme) don’t let the looks of it deceive you: it’s one of the oldest and most delicious Breton recipes!

And what are all the health benefits here, you may be asking yourself? Apart from broadening your tastes, you’ll be acquiring new, healthier eating habits. The Breton diet is very rich in fish (which has omega 3 acids, also known as the ‘good’ fats) and vegetables (the main source of fibre and nutrients). Bringing some of your favourite Breton dishes into your kitchen will definitely help you stay healthy!


Remember your New Year resolutions? Yes, that time when you promised yourself you’d try to go out running at least three times a week no matter the weather outside, or the children, or your boss wanting you to do late hours at work.

Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t reached your exercise goals. It’s very common, actually, because we all get caught up in so many tasks right from the moment we open our eyes in the morning that when you come home at night the only thing you want is to eat, crawl to the sofa, play with the kids – if you still have the energy – and sleep.

Holidays are the perfect opportunity to recover all that exercise time. You may think that by the time you reach Brittany the only thing you’ll want is to relax – and that’s good, of course, you should take the chance to do nothing.

But the truth is that having several free days in a row will make you crave new experiences, like an inspiring run in the morning along Benodet’s beach. What about a hiking day with the family in the lush forests of the area? And trying golf?



Usually, the first thing that gets affected by having a stressful way of living is sleep. After a whole day running everywhere to get the children ready to school, working, coming back to do the weekly shopping and cooking dinner you may think you’ll pass out as soon as you reach your bed. But when your head is on the pillow, you start thinking about the other tasks you have to complete the next day and this mixes with anxiety and fears…

However, when you are on holidays – and especially if you are in a very different location, such as our camping site at Jantom – it’s easier to disconnect from the stress and have – finally! – that deep, quality sleep your body needs. After just one night we’re sure you’ll notice the difference. Your energy levels will rise and they will stay recharged even when you’re back to work after your holidays.


Here at Jantom Holidays we believe in the many health benefits of taking some time out from the job and going to an inspiring place, such as the picturesque Brittany. It’s never too late to book your holidays, and this is a region full of wonderful secrets for you and your family to discover! Contact our friendly team today and we’ll be delighted to help.

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