What’s on in Brittany

A superb holiday destination, Brittany is perfect for anyone who loves a fun-filled vacation surrounded by beautiful scenery at all times – and for people who enjoy a temperate climate and warm waters to swim in! Rich in history and with a varied collection of fauna and flora you can spot and discover, you won’t lack for things to do when you visit this famous region. Brittany is also known for its many cultural aspects, from ancient castles to beautiful pieces of modern art, making it a truly spectacular destination.

When choosing what to do once you’re here, it pays to plan ahead, since something is always going on and you’ll be able to attend many different events – as well as see many of the attractions available!

Gallésie en Fête: June 25th – June 26th

Set in Monterfil, about a two-hour drive from Village Port de Plaisance in Benodet, our park, the Gallésie en Fête (website in French) is a festival brimming with fun stuff for the whole family. Should you prefer to go alone or with friends, you’ll still find plenty to see and do, as this festival is filled with different activities for all tastes. In this celebration of Gallic culture that’s been going on for more than thirty years, you can expect music competitions, sporting events, evening festivities, concerts and traditional games.

Astropolis: July 1st – July 3rd

Taking place in Brest, Finistère – a place where you can also enjoy the most amazing food and drinksAstropolis (website in French) is a festival dedicated to techno music. This standout event attracts dance producers and international names every year, making it a pioneer and a pillar of the rave scene. With a hugely diverse menu at your disposal, Astropolis is a must for dance fans who love music born from the parties of the late 80s.

Les Tombées de la Nuit: July 2nd – July 17th

If you love street art and performance, this festival is for you! With an astonishing selection of artists and a lot of different acts, we’re sure you’ll love this event in Rennes – after all, nothing can compare to the outstanding diversity you’ll be able to enjoy, which includes a pop concert at the opera house, a sports championship, and a fete in a school playground. Surprise is key, as you’ll never know what you’re going to get! This festival began in 1980 and is still going strong so feel free to take a peek at everything Les Tombées de la Nuit (website in French) can show you.

With these and many more events happening in Brittany, you can spend your summer holidays benefiting from everything the region has to offer, from music festivals to sports competitions! Not only will you get to know a bit more about this region’s culture, but you’ll leave with fun memories that will last forever – and that will make you want to return as soon as possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact Jantom Holidays if you wish to learn more about what we can do to help you create the perfect getaway, and check out our offers for incredible deals!

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