These Five Health and Business Benefits Will Help You Justify Your Next Holiday

We all know that holidays are fun, but there are no other reasons for taking a week off and having a good time, right? Well it turns out that that’s not the case – there are a whole host of benefits that make it genuinely healthy, good for your home life and good for your performance at work! Here are five reasons that you don’t need to feel guilty about your next break:

Get Some Exercise

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Even if you don’t opt for an action-packed holiday that’s jammed full of extreme sports and epic cross country hikes, there’s a good chance that your summer holiday will see you get a lot more active than you are in everyday life, especially if your job has you stuck in an office or standing behind a counter.

Taking in the sights of a new country means that you end up walking around a lot of castles, monuments or other local attractions, while a trip to the beach will often mean trekking at least a small distance from the car to the sand. All this extra exercise is good for both body and mind, so make the best of it.

Fresh Sea Air

We can’t overstate the benefits of the sea air – breathe it in and you’ll find that you’re less stressed and sleeping better… meanwhile, the sun’s rays will help to boost your mood and brighten your skin (just remember to use some protection to avoid a nasty burn)!

If you decide to take a dip in the ocean then even more benefits await you: sea water naturally exfoliates the skin, so expect to come home with cells which have been cleansed and purified. There’s never been a better excuse for a day at the beach.

Make Some Memories

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Obviously you can’t be on holiday all year long – such is the very definition of the word – however the memories that you build while away will give you something to look back on whilst your back at work and still waiting for your next opportunity to get away.

This can also help you to form even stronger bonds with family or friends, as holiday memories are the perfect opportunity for a chat and a giggle.

Eat Healthy

When you’re away there are dozens of delicious new dishes on the menu, and often this means that you’re happier to leave your comfort zone and see what the local delicacies are all about. This might mean trying out fruit and veg which has been prepared in a way you’re not used to, or that isn’t commonly available back home.

With all these options now available, you won’t find you’re trying to force yourself to eat healthily so much as seeking out the next dish – and if you also treat yourself to one of those luxurious dessert options then we think you can be forgiven!

Return Revitalised

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So, it turns out that while you’re on holiday, you’re improving the quality of your skin, giving your body a work out, and shedding the stresses of day-to-day life. Once you get back, all of these positive changes have an enormous impact on how well you’re able to do your job or get enthused about household tasks.

This gives both your productivity and your mood a much needed lift, so it certainly isn’t to be sniffed at!

Ready for your next rejuvenating break? With these brilliant facts you can definitely justify it to your family, your boss and, most importantly, yourself! A holiday in Brittany will satisfy all your sun, sea, sand and sightseeing needs, so contact Jantom Holidays today to book a truly beneficial break – you can reach us online or at 07977 458126 to find out more or make your booking.

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