The Wines of Brittany

Brittany is a place of variety – from family fun to scrumptious food, there is something for everyone in the beauty of this sprawling landscape. Leave the children behind and explore the countryside in search of the perfect glass of wine.

So, what are best wines of Brittany and where can you find these elusive bouquets?


several glasses of wine are lined up on a wooden table. there are about 10 glasses; two have red wine, and the rest have white wine

Brittany is a rich environment and as such it is home to one of the best wines in the world. One such wine comes from the expansive Muscadet vineyards, a producer of some of the finest white wines that come from French vineyards. It is the perfect accompaniment for many seafood dishes and is a popular choice for a meal out in the restaurants of Brittany. Some of the fuller body wines include that of the ‘Sur Lie’ wines. The process of making these wines involves letting the vintage age over winter, it is then bottled in the spring without any type of filtration. This technique creates the amazing flavour that embodies the wine.

There is also a number of other vintages that you will also be able to purchase in the region. You may also find a Pinot Noir, Gamay, Gros Plant and the ever popular Cabernet Sauvignon if that is the vintage of your preference.

Food Accompaniment

Shells vongole venus clams with parsley in copper cooking dish on dark wooden background

Of course, drinking is not all you should be doing in Brittany. If you are partaking in the local wine, then you must also accompany it with the rich and aromatic tastes of the region’s best food delights. Like the rest of France, Brittany is a region full of gourmet food and a world of tradition that is embodied in every texture. The most famous dish of the region is known as ‘fruits de mer’ which literally translates to the fruits of the sea – this is a dish that comprises mostly of shellfish. The coastal nature of Brittany means that the local delicacies comprise widely of the bounty that come naturally in such a coastal area. Mussels, winkles, scallops and oysters are the majority of this fare.

But, it is also a region for those with a sweet tooth to enjoy also. Crêpes are a popular choice in the area, along with a variety of Breton pastries that satisfy the after dinner cravings in the best way.

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