The Taste of Brittany- Must Try Food and Drink from the Region

If you’ve done your research on the Brittany area of France, you probably already know some of the delicious dishes that the region has to offer.

With a variety of food and drink to try, you’d be mad not to try some of the delicious cuisine that we have over here in Brittany. We highly recommend that you don’t leave without trying at least some of these famous local dishes.

Seafood Dishes

Having a coastline which spans the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean, you’ve probably already suspected that Brittany has a fine selection of seafood on offer.

With many residents in the region coming from a fishing background, you can be sure that there is always a supply of freshly-caught seafood options available in many of the eating establishments dotted around Brittany.

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Mussels are one of the most popular seafood dishes that you will come across while visiting Brittany. They are generally served after being cooked in a white wine and onion sauce and it isn’t uncommon to see them being served with fries- think of it as a different take on fish and chips!

Oysters are also incredibly popular in the area as Brittany is one of the largest flat oyster producers in the whole of France, with Cancale being known and the oyster capital in the country. They are generally served as an appetiser along with bread and home-made creamy butter.

If you aren’t too keen on oysters and mussels, but still want to try out the delicious seafood found here in Brittany- don’t worry! There’s plenty of other seafood available for you to try!

Kouign Amann Cakes

If sweet treats are more your thing, then we definitely recommend locating a bakery that makes Kouign Amann cakes.Lemon Kouign Amann

These small, round cakes are made from butter and will tantalise the taste buds of anyone who tries them! More often than not they will contain pieces of apple or even almonds, but there are some plain ones available if you look for them.

For the best Kouign Amann cake experience, we recommend buying them fresh from the oven to really make the most of their buttery texture and taste.

Cider and Wine

Brittany isn’t just famous for its food produce-it is also famous for its alcohol production. Believe us when we say, you won’t get much better than the range of ciders and wines that are produced right here in our beautiful region.

Cider wise, Brittany is the most renowned cider producing region in the whole of France- accounting for around 40% of the country’s total cider production. There are various different types of cider which are produced, all created using the apples that fill the orchards that can be seen while travelling through the region.

Cider is a popular beverage, and often accompanies the various seafood dishes that are available. You may notice that the cider comes in a large cup made of ceramic- this is known as a bolée.

Glass of white wine on a white background and with soft shadow. The file includes a clipping path.

Brittany is also well known for two types of dry white wine that is produced here- Muscadet and Gros-Plant.

Muscadet is very fruity and goes extremely well with seafood. Gros-Plant is a lesser known wine and is only sold in the Brittany, so we definitely recommend that you try it before you leave the area!

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