Places You Must Visit in Brittany

Brittany is abundant in history, architectural marvels and beautiful sceneries. From the hundreds of miles of coastline to intricate towns full of culture, it is the perfect place to visit during any time of year. But there are some things that, when you visit the region, you need to see.


Saint-Malo is a beautiful walled seaport in the north of Brittany. One of the most beautiful places to visit in Saint-Malo is the old town which is also known as intra-muros, meaning ‘the walled city’. The old ramparts surround the sea port, meaning that you can enjoy a beautiful walk along the high, sturdy ramparts.

If you like the sea-worthy lifestyle, then a great place to visit is outside of the ramparts, where you get to see the intra-muros from a different perspective. If you also like architecture, then this is a great place to view the stunning granite houses from the days of the pirates. Did you know that the granite used is the same that was used to build Le Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy?

Saint Malo - France


If you are the type of person that likes to go to a gorgeous beach on the Atlantic coast, then Dinard is the perfect getaway. The perfect thing about Dinard is that it lies on the same bay as Saint-Malo, so you will get some beautiful, picturesque scenery while you enjoy the beautiful water.

Dinard is a beautiful seaside town that is full of beaches, a casino, spacious villas and is home to popular social events such as the Dinard British Film Festival in October. The most popular beach that Dinard has to offer is the Ecluse beach. If you have some free time, take a stunning stroll along the coastal paths and have a look at the local art that is displayed on boards all along the path.

Beach huts, Brightly coloured blue and white striped

Huelgoat Forest

If you like to explore local history, then Huelgoat Forest is full of it! It lies next to the village of Huelgoat and covers an area of over 10 square kilometres. However, the reason why you should visit this enchanting place is because of its encapsulating caves, moss-covered boulders and stunning rock formations.

The forest is also steeped in historical legend. Did you know that one of the caves in Huelgoat forest, known as Arthur’s cave or La Grotte d’Artus, is said to be one of the final resting places of King Arthur? You can navigate through the mystical forest using the marked trails or you can explore it all for yourself.

Huelgoat, Brittany

There are some truly stunning places in Brittany but, unfortunately, you can’t visit everything in one day! That’s why, at Jantom Holidays, we put in so much care, attention, and consideration when you want to book your perfect holiday. It’s a stunning region in France – one where you should really take the time to explore every little bit of it. If you would like to know more, then please contact us today on 01512 914984 and we will be more than happy to help!

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