Our 4 Expert Tips for Travelling Internationally

Not everyone has travelled abroad before so it’s understandable that many don’t know what to expect or even how to prepare adequately for their trip.

Whether you are looking at Benodet holidays of somewhere even further afield, being prepared before you set off is the key to a successful, happy holiday!

If you have never been abroad before or even just feel like you could do with a refresher course before jetting off, here’s our 4 tips for successful travel internationally!

1. Pack an Extra Set of Clothes as a Carry On

We’ve all seen it on various holiday shows- sometimes your baggage can mysteriously go missing or arrive after you do. It’s something out of your control and we know how frustrating it can be to have to wait for your belongings to arrive.

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Make sure to bring an spare set of clothes in your carry-on bag. This ensures that if your baggage should get separated from you for a period of time, you have two sets of clothes to work between and wash rather than just the clothes on your back.

2. Look Up the Conversion Rate

We’d hope that you’d be looking at this anyway, but it’s incredible that some people still get caught out by conversion rates without realising.


Make sure that you know how much your money is worth in the country that you are visiting before you go. That way you will know exactly how much you are spending in your own currency so that you don’t get a shock when you get home and realise that you have spent a lot more than you intended to.

3. Have Cash Handy

Speaking of cash, make sure that you always have some physical money on you at all times. Not all businesses and travel options have access to chip and pin facilities to take payment, so make sure that you have enough cash to pay before you commit to anything while there.

Cash in Hand

It’s also important to alert your bank that you are going to be out of the country as they may block your card if you begin using it in a different country to where you usually reside. This is an anti-fraud measure, but it can be extremely frustrating if you have no access to your money and you don’t know why.

4. Pick up Business Cards

As soon as you arrive at your holiday destination, it’s a good idea to pick up a business card for your accommodation provider, or ask them to write down their address and contact number.

Senior Couple Checking In At Hotel Reception

This makes sure that if you ever get lost while on holiday, you have something to show to a taxi driver or a local who will then be able to guide you back to your accommodation. There are a lot of people who speak English around the world, but don’t rely on everyone that you meet to be able to be able to speak it fluently. This written communication should be familiar to them, and if it’s in a local language… even better!

Here at Jantom Holidays, we want you to have the best possible experience when going on holiday, which is why we love sharing our tips with you. If you need further information or simply want to know more about our availability and bookings, don’t hesitate to contact our team by calling 07977 458126.

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