Brittany & Children: Enjoy Family Friendly Days Out In Brittany

Brittany is located in the North West region of France, and is considered as being one of the best holiday destinations in the whole of Europe. Its breathtaking coastline, quintessential medieval towns and fun days out – make it the perfect place to visit for your summer holiday! It’s especially popular for those with children – as there is plenty of entertainment to keep them entertained throughout your stay in Brittany.

Jantom Holidays is a leading provider of high quality and affordable accommodation for holidays in Brittany, and therefore we think we have enough knowledge to provide you with some of the best choices for perfect family days out whilst here.

Read on for some of our favourite exciting family days out that you can enjoy!


Animal Attractions

Brittany has a small selection of animal attractions to enjoy, that are fun for the whole family. This includes the Branfere Animal Park and Botanical Garden – a place dedicated to the protection of nature.

Here you can discover over 1000 animals from different parts of the world, including giraffes, pandas and primates – all free to roam in beautiful country landscape. There is also a fantastic bird show that is unlike anything you would have seen before, and presentations that are given to educate you on the beauty of nature.

You can also visit a zoo – located within a gorgeous chateau. Here you can have fun looking at animals such as lions, tigers and meerkats. Wherever you choose, your children are bound to have plenty of fun!

Enjoy a Day Out At An Aquarium

Aquariums are always a good choice when looking for a family day out that will please people of all ages, and luckily for you, there are a couple in Brittany.

Visit Oceanopolis – one of the best aquariums in the whole of France.  Here you can spend time looking at the thousands of fish on display, which include species from all around the globe. It’s split into three different sections; tropical, polar and temperate. There is over 10,000 aquatic animals to visit – and we recommend spending the whole day there to get the full experience.

There is also a penguin colony, which is always a huge hit with the tourists.

Common octopus resting on a reef

Theme Parks

Nothing says a successful family holiday like visiting an exciting theme park. Children enjoy the thrill seeking rides, whilst the adults like pretending that they are children again. Brittany has several parks to choose from, depending on what you are looking for!

Cobac Park is set in 12 hectors of stunning greenery, and has a mixture of land and water based attractions, including rollercoaster’s, train rides, and water slides. Whether you want to get wet or stay dry, there is something to please everyone.

There is also Parc Odet Loisirs – an adventure playground that is fun for the whole family! There is go karting, trampolines and intriguing mazes.

It doesn’t matter which you choose, there is lots of fun to enjoy with your children.

We hope that this post has given you plenty of inspiration for making your family holiday to Brittany a memorable one. From animal attractions, to theme parks, there is something to suit all members of the family.


If this post has swayed you towards visiting Brittany this year, and you are in need of some luxury but affordable accommodation, we’ve got you covered. Our holiday lets are located in beautiful landscapes, but are never too far away from all the entertainment.

If you would like more information, please contact Jantom Holidays on 07977 458126 and a member of our team will be happy to help you out.

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The Nature of Natural Brittany

We all know how beautiful Brittany is, from its gorgeous coastlines to it’s beautiful rural landscape.

But what nature can you encounter during your visit to out bountiful Brittany? As leading providers of holidays in Brittany, we’ve put together a list of places to visit and activities to participate in to get the most out of the natural beauty that your holiday can offer.

The Pays des Abers                                                                

Also known as the Coast of Legends, the Abers are best known for the rocky inlets and spectacular coastline views.

The main village in Aber Wrac’h is Plouguerneau, which is come to a museum dedicated to seaweed gathering. This may sound a little bit strange, but gathering seaweed was the main economical principle of the area. It’s a fantastic look into the history of Aber Wrac’h and something a little different for all the family to get involved in.

Le Croisic

Le Croisic is a port which is best known for its fishing activities. It was one of the first tourist resorts in Brittany, and has lots of different activities for all the family.

Although the port isn’t accessible to the public, the tourist office in Le Crosic has put together what they call the “shellfish trail” where visitors can take guided tours, eat at some of the best restaurants and visit some of the fish farming beds.

There is also an Océarium which houses a number of Atlantic sea life,  including an underwater tunnel which allows visitors to get up close and personal with some of the Atlantic’s most beautiful inhabitants. You also have the opportunity to come face to face with a shark (behind the safety of a glass tank, of course!)  and there are also penguin feeding sessions during the day.


Yarr! Once you see the port of Dahouët, you will be able to understand why this area was so appealing to pirates. With a long curving bay, and a secure marina this area is one of the most beautiful coastlines in Brittany.

With a beautiful beach situated in Le Val-André, which has glowing sandy beaches and is 2.5 kilometres long, you can definitely see why the Victorians decided to make the site into a fashionable holiday resort in the 19th Century. With the majority of the villas in this area still in this Victorian style, Pléneuf provides a much older, more traditional holiday setting.

If you are looking for a more modern area, the Rotonde complex provides a more contemporary feel; complete with cinemas and a casino, it adds a more modern touch to this attractive area.

The Redon Marshes

This area is definitely one to visit if you are looking for some stunning landscapes that combine water and land to create a breathtaking view.

If sailing is your thing, you can hire a boat from La Roche-Bernard, Redon, Messac or Pont-Réan. This is definitely the best way to explore the marshes, and we promise that you won’t be disappointed. Passing old forts and attractive riverbanks which are teeming with wildlife, this area is perfect for a more relaxing day out.

We hope that we’ve given you some ideas that have inspired you to go out and take advantage of the natural beauty that Brittany has to offer. Whether you are looking for a quiet day out on the marshes, or a day on the rolling golden sands of the beach at Le Val-André, there’s something for everyone.

If you are looking at booking a holiday in Brittany, Jantom Holidays are here to help. Our self-catering and mobile home holiday accommodation is available to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable after a long day of exploring what Brittany has to offer. Want to know more? Contact us at 07977 458126 to have a chat with one of our experienced team members and see how Jantom Holidays can help you.

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High Adrenaline Attractions in Brittany

Although for many people, holidays in Brittany are all about relaxing and soaking up the sites, that’s certainly not the only way to experience this exquisite part of the world! For those of you with a little bit more energy pumping through your blood, here are some high adrenaline activities to check out while you’re there:

Motor Racing

Deep in the heart of Brittany, you can hear the roar of engines and the screech of rubber against the asphalt – this is the Lohéac racetrack, and it’s where anybody with a passion for four wheels can take to the track. Even if driving a racing car is something you’ve only ever done in your dreams, the HMC School will be happy to accommodate you, with a team of instructors ready to offer everything from initiation to high-speed sessions for ‘he who dares’…

Sand Yachting

Somewhere between the yacht and the go-cart there sits the sand yacht, a sail powered vehicle which you control as it whizzes across – you guessed it – the sand. There are dozens of companies offering sand yachting across Brittany’s many glorious beaches, and with two-seater carts for adults and children, this is something for the whole family.


Brittany is absolutely loaded with beautiful surf spots, with many popular spots such as La Torche – although often the surf conditions are just as good at the quieter beaches. If you’re hoping to pick up the sport for the first time then you won’t be disappointed, as there are also loads of great options for surf schools and instructors, with the chance to pick it up from scratch or master your art and become a surfing expert.


Whether you’d prefer to clamber up the branches of a 130 foot tree or find yourself scrambling to the top of a rock face, Brittany will have a climbing opportunity to suit your tastes. Either way, safety will come first, as you will be both strapped into a harness and taught the best techniques for avoiding falls and keeping steady as you climb. And if you decide to make yourself at home in the trees then you can even get to grips with the art of ‘accrobranche’, which puts less emphasis on getting to the top of the tree and more on moving between the trees with ropes and bridges, learning about  the natural environment as you climb.

Helicopter Flights

Think you’ve seen everything Brittany has to offer you? Well, now it’s time to see it from the air! Helicopter flights can take you soaring over the beautiful bays and landmarks of the region. They can even give you the opportunity to see the sites which are not accessible by the land, ensuring that you soak up everything that this stunning part of the world has to offer.


For the ultimate adrenaline rush there’s only one choice that makes sense – parachuting. Feel the full rush of wind against your skin as you fall freely through the air, before the parachute opens and you find yourself drifting serenely  through the sky; it’s the closest any of us will ever come to actual flying! Tandem parachute jumping gives you the opportunity to experience the full effects with an instructor strapped securely to your back, allowing you to feel safe and care-free as the Brittany landscape opens up in front of you.

After all of this thrill seeking, you’ll need somewhere to touch base and unwind, and our self-catering and mobile home holiday accommodation will give you the perfect space to relax and relive the heady experiences of the day. Contact us at 07977 458126 to find out more and discuss all of your holiday needs with a member of our experienced team.

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Discover The Captivating Castles of Brittany

Brittany’s shores are bustling with an array of spectacular castles.

At one time, these charming castles helped defend Brittany from invaders, but now they ‘re renowned more for their beauty than their military brawn.

From resplendent royal residences, to medieval forts, Brittany is home to them all. And these are among the best attractions the region has to offer.

Want to know more? Then check out our guide to some of Brittany’s most delightful castles – enjoy!



Chateau de Josselin

This charming castle is a truly incredible sight to behold.

This medieval fortress has stood on the banks of the Oust River, in the heart of the town of Josselin, since the 12th century. And remarkably, it has now been the home of  its original founders, the Rohan family, for almost a thousand years!

From its richly decorated interiors to its spectacular grounds, this extraordinary castle is a real treat to explore. The chateau is brimming with treasures, including an array of amazing art works, fine furniture and awe inspiring antiques.

The outside of the building is just as impressive as the inside too! The castles tree-filled grounds and formal gardens are the perfect complement to its glorious facade and are a wonderful spot for a relaxing stroll.

Chateau de Josselin   Fort La Latte

Brittany is also home to a number of spectacular coastal castles. But by far the most dramatic of these is the Fort La Latte.

This  fairy tale fort was built during the 14th century and sits  atop a rugged cliff top, high above the sea. The castle is separated from the mainland by large fissures in the rock and  can only be reached by two drawbridges.

Cross these, and you will feel as though you have been transported into a whole new world of magic and myth.


Chateau de Fougeres

The fabulous Chateau de Fougeres is one of Frances greatest medieval castles.

The castle cuts an imposing figure and at one time played a key role in the defence of Brittany. The castle consists of three enclosures, who’s walls are strewn with a series of impressive towers.

From the castles resplendent ramparts you can enjoy panoramic views over the surrounding cityscape. Make sure to discover the captivating secrets of this magnificent monuments history too, as trust us, it’s really rather fascinating!

Chateau de Fougeres

Suscinio Castle  

This impressive fortress was reportedly one of the favoured residences of the Dukes of Brittany, and it’s easy to see why!

Abandoned during the 15th century, the castle has been recently resorted and returned to its former glory, and is now open to visitors too!

The castle is famed for its amazing architecture and majestic moat. And that not all, the castle lies in a spectacular setting too, amongst the wild marshlands, located  near the Gulf of Morbihan.

All told, a trip to this royal residence makes for a fantastic day out and will leave you both enthralled, and entertained.


So there we have it, a brief guide to some of Brittany’s most beautiful castles.

If you fancy discovering the wonders of these architectural marvels for yourself, then here at Jantom Holidays we can help. We’re proud to offer a wide selection of holiday rentals in Brittany – the perfect base from which to explore all this fantastic region has to offer. And whatever you’re looking for, we’re sure to be able to find the right accommodation for you.

Want to know more ? Then simply contact us today, by giving us a call on 07977 458 126 and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help you with your enquiries.

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Quintessential Brittany: A Photographer’s Paradise

When it comes to all things creative, Brittany is a haven for the arts and boasts an extensive selection of breathtaking scenery, artistic houses and theatres and museums that’ll have you inspired from the word ‘go’.

Hipster girl making picture with retro camera, focus on camera

Whether a painter, sculptor, photographer or fine-artist, Brittany is sure to be the ideal escape that’ll get your creative juices flowing, and if you’re an avid-photographer looking for a new ‘scape to snap – you’re in luck! Here’s our guide to the best art spots and must-document scenes throughout the beautiful, and ever so enchanting region of Brittany. Enjoy.

Josselin, Brittany


For history and heritage, this medieval castle, which is still lived in by members of the legendary Rohan family is a must-visit for any history loving photographer’s expedition. Situated near the doll museum, and slightly away from its attractive old town to canal-based fun or forest walks – you can be guaranteed that there will always be something to interest all the family!

Dinan, Brittany


Dinan, one of the region’s smallest towns is sure to be a hit with any photographer passionate about quaint and traditional builds. Undoubtedly one of Brittany’s most attractive and best preserved towns, this beautiful little area boasts half-timbered houses and cobbled streets filled with art galleries and craft shops. Dinan really is worth a day of anyone’s time.

Doëlan Port, Brittany


Tucked away just off the ever so famously arty Pont-Aven and Le Pouldu, Doëlan Port has remained the same old little Finistére fishing port that it has always been. Boasting traditional boat views, clear waterscapes and a harbour with blue as far as the eye can see – there really is nothing more relaxing and picturesque than a walk alongside Doëlan’s scenic waters.

Here at Jantom Holidays, we’re here to provide the perfect holiday accommodation to enhance your trip. Whether planning a trip full of crafts or you’d prefer one of our golf holidays in Brittany –  our team of helpful and friendly professionals are always at hand to answer any questions you may have So, for more information or to speak to us – please do not hesitate to contact us on 07977 458 126 and start planning your dream summer holiday today!

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Summer 2015: Events in Brittany This Summer

With its hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches, historical places, and excellent food and drink, it’s no wonder that Brittany is considered one of the best places to spend your summer holiday.

The summer months are always an exciting time, and this summer is going to be as excellent as ever.

As a company that specialises in holiday rentals in Brittany, we’re clued-up on all the events that happen throughout the year. Read on for information about some of the events that we think are worth a visit this summer.



Festival of Brittany (21st-25th May)

Taking place over four whole days, the Festival of Brittany is one of the biggest festivals to take place.

It’s considered a time to celebrate Breton culture, with over 300 events taking place to showcase some of their oldest and newest traditions.

There are plenty of different activities taking place – concerts, exhibitions, workshops, markets, and dances. Meaning there’s something for everyone!

Festival de Cornouaille (21st – 26th July)

This annual festival takes place in the city of Quimper, which is located in the south-west of Brittany.

It’s been taking place since 1923, and is considered to be one of the biggest and most popular cultural events. It has around 180 shows and concerts taking place, in both the day and evening.

Breton’s culture is celebrated in a stunning showcase of diversity and richness. It’s one not to be missed!

Festival Interceltique de Lorient (7th -16th August)

This festival has been taking place since 1971 and now sees around 700,000 people from around the world come to Brittany every year.

It takes place to celebrate Celtic culture, with Celtic music being a huge feature – bagpipes especially!

It includes over 200 events and shows and around 5,000 performers! Tourists will love the atmosphere, and it’s especially popular with the locals who wholeheartedly get involved.


We think that all these events are amazing, and that they’re all worth a visit. If you fancy taking part in one of the events this summer but need somewhere to stay, then we can help you out.

Here at Jantom Holidays, we can help you find amazing holiday rentals to suit any budget. So if you’re looking for a cheap and affordable holiday, then don’t hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 07977 458 126 and a member of our staff will be happy to help.


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Walking Holidays in Brittany

In our last post, we discussed the many ways to explore Brittany by water. In this article, we’re going to be looking at some of the best walks you can explore and enjoy while staying here, and how to plan a walking holiday.

How to Choose an Area

This all depends on what type of terrain you like and are comfortable walking on. Brittany has many different areas with very different terrains; from sandy beaches to cliff top ascents.

Huelgoat is a perfect choice for country and forest walkers. Brittany is home to the Brocéliande forest, a particularly famous area in Arthurian Legend.


If coastal walking is more your thing; walking with the sea air filling your lungs, the coastal route from St. Brieuc up to Paimpol along the cliffs has a sensational walk, as well as the famous Pink Granite coast. This area has quite a good public service route, so it’s easy to get to and from these destinations.

Perros Guirec 5

The Crozon peninsula is also an idyllic place to do some coastal walking on the Atlantic coast. However, this is not on a public service route, but local taxi services are available.

Walk Length and Difficulty

Again, this all depends on what you, as a walker, are comfy with. Don’t feel pressured into finishing the whole route if you can’t manage it. Remember, some places have no access to public services, so this is something to keep in mind if you think you might be pushing yourself a bit too hard!

Hiking Feet - iStock_000039748708_Large


If you’re bringing your car along for the ride, then you’re all set!

However, for those who haven’t brought their car, or simply don’t drive, transport can quickly become a real issue. As mentioned previously, some of the nicest walking areas have no regular public transport links.

City Bus - iStock_000024841775_Large

The coast does tend to have a good transport service in place in the summer, but it’s still best to check if your desired walking spot has some links. Brittany has a variety of busses, trains and taxi services to aid you, so don’t forget to look them up before you leave on a walk…just in case!


This is best suited to be central to your walking plans, and if you are planning to be walking in a more popular spot on the coast, it’s best to book well in advance. As this area is popular for walking, many of the accommodation services will be happy to oblige with any queries you have about the area you’re looking to walk in.

Here at Jantom Holidays, we offer a wide range of range of holidays, including walking holidays and our increasingly popular golf holidays in Brittany. We have something for everyone, so for more information, or to speak to one of our friendly and helpful team – please don’t hesitate to contact us on 07977 458 126 today!



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Ahoy, Me Hearties: Set Sail in Brittany

When it comes glorious coastlines, tradition sailing ships and breathtaking open waters – our holidays in Brittany really are the perfect destination for any land lubber who wishes to explore the depths of Brittany’s underwater and on-land history.


From fantastic voyages to sailing trips and the views of Brittany’s canals, this cultural French region is the ideal escape for all, offering a range of history and heritage to be explored by both locals and visitors.

So, whether you’re an adventure lover or wish to discover the secrets at sea – here is our guide to exploring Brittany, by boat, canal or ship. Enjoy.

The Heart of the Tradition


Along the beautiful Breton coastline, you’ll forever see traditional sailing ships and boats lining the coastline, waiting to take you on a fantastic voyage. These trips are accessible to all, and offer a fantastic day out for the whole family! Whether you wish to try your hand at sailing for the first time, or wish to explore the waters and take a romantic trip out – Brittany’s got it covered!

The traditional boats are truly breathtaking sight on their own, and are particularly popular with local artists and photographers who enjoy sitting by the harbour side and painting and drawing the unique views available. However, if you’d prefer to explore the sea by one of these truly magnificent ships, here’s a few reasons to do so.

Discover  The Treasures of Nature


A trip out on a small boat or tuna-fishing vessel in itself a journey back to the heart of tradition, inviting you to discover Brittany’s heritage and the region’s elements. These traditional boats are linked to various ports, quays and harbours of the Breton coast, highlighting a sailing ground which includes exceptional sites and beautiful  bays that any nature-lover would enjoy.

For the best places to fish or where to find a bird watcher’s paradise – the wonderful crews aboard the ships be more than willing to share the secrets of many destinations to which they have sailed, including old sea tales and tips to enjoy their water adventure.

Brittany’s Canals


From Nantes to Arzal, Brittany boasts over 600km of canals to explore, travelling from lock to lock, and is surrounding by natural landscapes which offer a different mood throughout. From small towns boasting character to picturesque châteauxs, travel Brittany’s glorious by barge, kayak, on foot or on bike and enjoy the beauty of these protected areas.

Canals By Canoe


If you’re the adventurous type, there’s no better way than touring the Breton waters in a canoe. And for kayak enthusiasts, there are a number of well-known spots, such as Créharer in the Côtes d’Armor with its kayak toboggans, the white-water centre at Inzinzac-Lochrist, and Saint-Grégoire on the Ille-et-Rance canal. This really is the perfect way to spend a day or two exploring the beautiful waters of Brittany’s canals.

Dates For Your Diary


During the upcoming weekend of 14 – 16th August 2015, Brittany becomes home to the Festival du Chant de Marin (Sea Shanty Festival), a festival which sets sail through song, and offers a traditional look into the wonderful world of boats and music from the four corners of the world. Every two years, hundreds of traditional sailing ships call into Paimpol harbour, and becomes home to sailors all over the world during the festival period. If you’re a lover of traditional boating and wonderful heritage – this event is not to be missed!

Here at Jantom Holidays, we’re proud to offer the wonderful range of holidays in Brittany that we do, and are dedicated to providing the perfect escape for you and your loved ones. For more information, or to speak to one of our friendly and helpful team – please do not hesitate to contact us on 07977 458 126 today!

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Discover The Hidden Gems of Brittany

When it comes to beautiful scenery, fine cuisine and plenty to see and do, Brittany is an ideal destination for any type of holiday maker. From the art lover to the seaside explorer and the hiker, the breathtaking setting of this French paradise offers something for everyone to see, do and enjoy.


So, whether you’ve already booked your Brittany getaway, or you’re looking for a picturesque escape for you and your loved ones – here are a few of our must-visit hidden gems of the Breton landscape. Enjoy.

Pont-Aven, Brittany


Often referred to as ‘The Village of Artists’, Pont-Aven is an idyllic little village offering some of the most stunning riverside walks and mouth-watering foods throughout the region. Best known for its association with the post-Impressionist painter, Paul Gauguin, this perfect haven is ideal for a romantic day out, providing some of the most beautiful landscapes and quaint shops for all to explore and enjoy.


Also home to the Fête des Fleurs d’Ajoncs (Gorse Flower Festival), a local festival that takes place each year on 1st August, inviting both locals and visitors to enjoy traditional Breton music, dancing, food speciality and costume within its wonderful walls. If you are lucky enough to be visiting Brittany in the summer, we definitely recommend exploring this wonderful event. Suitable for all the family.

Carnac, Brittany


The Carnac Stones are an exceptionally dense collection of megalithic sites around the village of Carnac, offering breathtaking views of alignments, dolmens, tumuli and single menhirs for as far as the eye can see. More than 3,000 prehistoric stones were crafted from local rock and placed by the pre-proto-Celtic people of Brittany, and is the largest collection in the world.


Not only does Carnac offer beautiful scenery and stunning views, it is also a haven for anyone who loves all things outdoor! Whether you prefer walking, climbing, cycling or hiking – Carnac provides the perfect day out for all the family, inviting visitors and locals to discover its history, heritage and wonderful legends throughout. We definitely recommend Carnac and the Carnac Stones for any nature explorer!

Guérande, Brittany


If you’re looking for history and heritage, this medieval town is the perfect place to visit, providing a range of scenic and history-filled things to see and do. The Guérande Peninsula overlooks two contrasting landscapes; the ‘Pays Blanc’ (White Land), due to its salt marshes, and the ‘Pays Noir’, with the Briére peat bog. Since 2004, Guérande has been a member of a national network of 120 towns, boasting a range of regions and towns respected for their Art and History. Most visitors are keen to explore the fortified wall of Guérande, as it is one of the best preserved and most complete in France, stretching over 1434 metres.


As well as the stunning views and the must-see salt marshes, Guérande also offers many enjoyable things to do. From wandering around its narrow and mismatched art filled streets, to the many speciality food shops which boast tasty Breton treats and local crêperies – Guérande really is a place of many attractions!

When in Guérande, be sure to visit the Collégiale St-Aubin, a breathtaking collegiate church in the town centre, which is home to a collection of canons dating back to the 9th – 18th century.

Here at Jantom Holidays, we’re passionate about your holiday, and offer unique and affordable holiday lets in Brittany. So, whether you’re looking for a romantic escape or a getaway for the whole family, please do not hesitate to contact us on 07977 458 126 today!

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Historic Sights in Brittany

Beautiful sandy beaches and wonderful tasty food is what keeps people coming back to Brittany year after year for their summer holidays. However, what many people don’t realise (until they have visited) is that this specific region of France has exciting historic roots, history that still plays a huge part in their tourism today.

Looking back, we know that Brittany has a strong Celtic background, which is something that sets it apart from other regions of France. The name ‘Brittany’ derives from the Britons who escaped south across the English Channel from Britain into Brittany, after an attack from the Anglos and Saxons in the 5th century. This gave the place the name ‘Little Britain’. Although it was eventually incorporated back into France in the 1500s, the historic Celtic background is something that the people who live in Brittany pride themselves on.

This is why Brittany is notable for its large variety of historic sites that give people an interesting look back into the rich heritage of the popular holiday destination. Here is just a quick guide into some of the places we think are worth a visit!

St Malo

This historic old town in Brittany was once the hub for piracy, men who made their money by charging ships that happened to anchor up at their port. Today, however, the ancient city is one of the most popular places for tourists to visit, and is considered one of the most attractive areas of Brittany. Its dozens of medieval streets are bursting with history for tourists to come and discover.

You can walk around the ramparts and the stone walls at the entrance to the town, which have been standing since the 12th century (although a lot has been reconstructed after the invasion of France in 1944!).

The most exciting historical buildings are within the ‘intra muros’ area, in which you can visit places such as the 12th century Saint Vincent Cathedral and the Castle. You can also put together a picnic and go sit in the Parc de la Briantais; a large open park that is a popular spot to sit back and enjoy the sun.

You can even hop on a train that will take you around all the most interesting sights of the town if you feel like having a tourist guide!


Dinan is arguably the prettiest and best preserved of all the towns within Brittany. Start your day with a visit to the towns’ museum, which is housed within a 13th century castle, and therefore is brimming with history and culture. Here, you can get up to date with everything you ever needed to know about Brittany and its beginnings.

Visiting the old town is advised, as the narrow streets and picturesque houses really make it seem like time in the area has stood still. Look out for the street that has been dubbed “Thirsty Street” due to the fact that it has nine (yes nine!) bars along it.

If it’s food that has you interested, then be sure to visit one of the many restaurants along the port. These waterside restaurants are always bursting with tourists wanting to try out and enjoy tasty local cuisine.

Castle of La Latte

No visit to the historic areas of Brittany would be complete without a visit to this ancient castle that was built on a small piece of land back in the 14th century. Make sure to cross the drawbridge and explore all areas of the castle; the dungeons are a must…if you dare! Surrounding the castle is protected moorland, which is perfect for taking a long hike. Remember to look out for all the different wildlife around that area!

A fun fact about this castle is that it has actually been a location for a number of films, including The Vikings in 1958 starring Kirk Douglas.

Wherever you choose to visit in Brittany, there are sure to be some remaining features of the history that makes the region one of the most visited areas of France. Every building tells a story!

So if you are looking for cheap and affordable holidays in Brittany to enjoy what the area has to offer, Jantom Holidays can help you find amazing holiday rentals to suit any budget. For more information, or to speak to a member of our friendly team – please contact us on 07977 458 126.


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Discover the Beauty of Brittany’s Contemporary Art Scene

Whether you’re a lover of all things creative, or just enjoy exploring the culture of your holiday destination – Brittany provides a varied and wide selection of art forms.

Impressionism, surrealism and contemporary art are a popular inspiration of many Brittany-based artists, and many museums, exhibition spaces and galleries are on offer to both visitors and locals. As a place which boasts blue oceans, Technicolor floral blooms and ever-changing skies, Brittany provides a haven for artists and art-lovers alike, and offers plenty to see, enjoy and be inspired by.

So, if you’re heading to Brittany this year and looking to explore the contemporary and exciting world of French art, here is our guide to the must-visit galleries and exhibitions throughout the creative region. Enjoy.

The Village – Bazouges-la-Pérouse

Situated between Rennes and Mont-Saint-Michel, the Village in the little town of Bazouges-la-Pérous boasts a quality collection of contemporary artists from a range of artistic disciplines and styles. From photographers to architects and sculptors, the Village is an integral area for artistic creation, and boasts three galleries under the same organisation.

For visitors looking to immerse themselves in the local art world, the Village is an ideal destination, and offers a real awareness experience for visitors to view and understand the ever-rising popularity of Brittany’s contemporary art scene. Offering guided tours of the three galleries and workshops on artistic techniques – the Village makes for the perfect day-out, whatever your art tastes! Every summer, the Village also organises a number of exterior exhibitions around the town, park and tourist offices, bringing their creative works to the public.

For more information, please visit The Village official website.

Manoli Workshop Museum and Sculpture Garden – La Richardais, Ille et Vilaine

The Manoli Workshop opened its doors in 2001, and welcomes both visitors and locals to explore the last 25 years of Manoli’s creative life. The museum offers a place to discover treasures, sculptures and various other works in a serene garden setting. The Manoli Workshop really is the ideal afternoon out for any art explorer or Manoli fan!

For more information, please visit The Manoli Workshop official website.

Estuaire – Nantes, Loire Atlantique

If you’re looking for an exhibition experience nothing like you’ve seen before, join Estuaire and set out on a very unusual adventure. Estuaire is an open-air exhibition, showcasing works in a number of remarkable spots along the Loire, between Nantes and Saint-Nazaire.

Throughout these characterful surroundings, you’ll discover all types of stunning art forms, from ethereal and wonderful to the weird and mesmerising works of over 30 artists. You can follow the trail on foot, bike or by boat. So, if you’re looking for something different to do with your afternoon –the Estuaire trail really is a beautiful exhibition to enjoy, offering the peaceful surround of the open waters of Nantes in a wonderful and completely unique artistic style.

For more information, please visit the Nantes Tourism official website.

Oniris Contemporary Art Gallery – Rennes, Ille et Vilaine

For nearly 25 years, the Oniris gallery situated in the centre of Rennes, has been showcasing the works of over 20 renowned international contemporary artists. The gallery presents the works of the 30 artists in the form of 3 yearly solo exhibitions, making it the ideal opportunity to enjoy these talents in an intimate gallery setting. The gallery is a must-see for all contemporary art fans, and has become one of Brittany’s most respected top-spots of the region’s art scene.

For more information, please visit the Oniris Gallery official website.

Brittany is the perfect destination for all personalities, and provides something for everyone. From stunning artistic hot-spots to picturesque landscapes and dreamy beaches, here at Jantom Holidays – we’re proud to offer quality holiday lets in Brittany that promise to enhance your stay! So, for more information, or to speak to one of our friendly and helpful team, please do not hesitate to contact us on 07977 458 126 today!

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The Best Beaches in Brittany

Family holidays in France aren’t complete without a visit to the beach. There’s nothing better for kids than building sandcastles, digging channels and frolicking in the sea, and Brittany has some wonderful beaches so is the ideal destination. So let us introduce you to some of the best beaches in the area.

Benodet Beaches:

Benodet, the resort in which we at Jantom Holidays are based, is a wonderfully family friendly destination. The area has a few wonderful beaches that are fantastic for rockpooling and exploring. A couple of beaches we recommend visiting include:

Phare du Coq

Phare du Coq is quaint beach located between the river and the ocean. The beach is lit by pleasant sunshine throughout the day and is especially beautiful in the afternoon. It is a lovely little beach that you can enjoy well into the evening.

Trez Beach

Trez Beach is located in the heart of the resort. This really is a family beach; you can enjoy everything from sailing boats, dinghies and even hire catamarans. There is a beach club where you can get yourself light refreshments or even rent a beach hut. This beach is supervised during the summer time.

Saint Gilles Beach

Saint Gilles Beach is a fantastic beach for exploring rock pools where you may find crabs, shrimp and more unusual shellfish. It is also great for those who are just looking to relax and sunbathe under the delightful French sun.

Letty Beach

Letty Beach is unique; it is a preserved natural lagoon and is a breathtaking sight to behold. You don’t want to visit here without your camera. Lounging by the lagoon in the summer time is a great way to spend a day.

Some of these beaches are located exceptionally closely to Jantom Holidays, whereas others are a little further away, but they are all worth a visit and we are perfectly located for access. You can’t visit Brittany without visiting a beach, so plan your trip today.

Book with us today and plan the holiday of a lifetime that you and your family will remember for the rest of your lives. Give us a call on +44 (0) 7977 458126 or send an email to

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Bon Appetit: Your Guide to Breton Cuisine

Brittany is a stunning region with a rich culture, and if you are staying in one of our holiday rentals in France you will certainly want to sample some delicious Breton cuisine.


Brittany is surrounded by sea, and it is because of this that the region features some of the best seafood in the world. Sample the locally-sourced produce in famous Breton dishes such as cotriade, a fish stew with potatoes that’s traditionally served over a toasted baguette, and regional favourite la lotte à l’armoricaine, which is monkfish in a special sauce.

You can sample the delicious Breton seafood in restaurants all across the region, or cook your own using fresh seafood, which is readily available at local town markets.

Sweet Treats

Brittany has many sweet treats on offer to satisfy your sugar cravings. The famous and very popular crepe, a very thin pancake, is often associated with the region of Brittany, and is easily available throughout all of France. Far Breton is another popular Breton delicacy, and is a flan-style dessert with custard and dried fruit.

Other sweet foods that are popular in Brittany include kouign amann, a rich butter cake, galette, a type of crusty cake or pancake similar to a crepe, and galette-saucisse, a hot sausage wrapped in a galette.


Beers and other alcoholic beverages are very popular in Brittany. One beverage that is particularly popular in Brittany is chouchen, a form of mead that is usually made by fermenting honey in water.

Brittany has a long history of brewing beer, and a variety of different beers are still distributed by Breton brewers, including Telenn Du, which is made from buckwheat.

Breton cuisine has so much to offer, and if you are visiting Brittany, it is definitely worth being a little adventurous and sampling what the locals have to offer. If you are looking for accommodation in Brittany, Jantom Holidays has a wide variety of rentals to suit groups of any size. Contact us today by calling 07977 458126.

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Activities in Brittany that Can’t Be Missed

Brittany has so many activities to offer that will make for the perfect family holiday. At Jantom Holidays, we want to ensure that you have the best holiday experience possible, so here is our list of must-do activities for when you visit Brittany.


Brittany is the home of countless sandy beaches that make it the perfect seaside resort for the whole family. With over 2800 km of stunning coastline, Brittany can offer you long days of basking in the sunshine, building sandcastles and chasing waves. Make the most of the beautiful weather and get the family down to the beach!


If you want to immerse yourself in the local culture, there are many festivals to enjoy all year round. Traditional Breton music festivals are a fun activity to get the whole family involved, featuring bagpipe music, dance and food. A lot of these events are also free of charge, so they make for a great activity for family holidays in France.


Sailing has always been a popular activity in Brittany, and the region plays host to some of the most popular races in the world. You can hire yachting and sailing equipment from most yacht clubs on the coastline, so enjoy a day on the waves with the whole family and bask in the Breton sunshine.

These are just some of the many activities on offer in the beautiful region of Brittany. If you are considering Brittany for your next family holiday, Jantom Holidays can provide you with the perfect holiday rental. For more information, contact us today by calling 07977 458126.

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