Jet-Setting with Juniors: Tips for Travelling with Children

Packing your bags and setting off on a holiday adventure can be extremely exciting, no matter what age you are.

Whenever you plan on travelling, it’s important to make sure that your children are accommodated for, especially when it comes to keeping the little tikes entertained on the plane journey.

So here are our top tips for jet-setting with junior!

Don’t Rush

The best (or worst, depending on the situation!) thing about young children is that they love to explore. They love taking in an new environment, even if they are just finding out what mischief they can get up to in their new surroundings.

mother with little daughter looking at mountains

To avoid getting frustrated with your little one, try to make time during your travelling schedule that allows for your child to explore for a bit. The calmer you are when you aren’t rushing round and carrying a screaming toddler across an airport terminal, the calmer your child will be, too.

Snap Happy

A great way to keep a child focused on something other than throwing a tantrum is to give them their own camera. There are child friendly camera options that are available, but alternatively you could buy a handful of disposable ones for your child to use.

Vintage camera on wooden background. Retro style toned picture

This is especially effective if you are also taking photographs, as it will encourage your children to think creatively and try and copy your shot. And yes, there will be photographs of random stones and bits of rubbish… but you will be surprised at some of the shots that are produced, we guarantee it!

Be Climate Conscious

You wouldn’t like to be too hot or too cold, so make sure that you are dressing your tots up appropriately for the weather expected at your destination.


A comfortable toddler is a happy toddler; we don’t want to give them any further excuses to feel upset after taking them to an unfamiliar place without them really understanding what is going on.

Journal Journeys

One thing that we loved doing as kids when on holiday was keeping a journal of everything that we did on our travels. We even have a quick look back every now and then to remind us of the amazing holidays that we had when we were kids! Was our handwriting really that awesome at the age of 7?

Kids Travel Journal

Getting your kids to document their holiday not only gives them a place to record their memories of their trip, but it also keeps them quiet and practicing their writing skills without them even realising that it is practice. If your children are too young to write for themselves, why not ask them to say what they would like to remember about their day and write it down for them and let them draw a picture. Holidays are all about creating memories, and journaling is a great way to document them!

Whether you are looking at self catering holidays in Brittany or simply taking a weekend trip away locally, keeping your kids happy and entertained will certainly reduce your stress levels and allow you to enjoy the holiday too.

Here at Jantom Holidays, we have a wide range of self catering accommodation available in Brittany to suit a wide range of requirements. If you are looking for a flexible holiday without having to worry about set menus and busy restaurants, contact us today by calling 07977 458126 and we will be more than happy to help you with your enquiries.

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