Holiday How-Tos: Relax and Unwind


When we book time off work to have a well deserved ‘holiday’ a lot of us forget what it’s like to relax and unwind. Even when we’re supposed to be on a break we have a tendency to find work for us to do. It’s time to stop. Put down your laptop. Turn off your iPad. For the first time in what may be a long time, it’s time for you to relax and unwind and our Benodet holidays can help.


It’s Okay to Lie-In

Too often do we wake up to the shrill, relentless din of the alarm clock. Time to turn it off. It’s okay to lie-in on your holiday. You’re permitted to take a couple of extra hours lounging in your bed, warm and comfortable and completely at ease.

A lot of holiday resorts have scheduled breakfasts, lunch and dinners which, despite your best efforts, requires a general wake up time to your holiday. We don’t believe that you should be forced to schedule your wake up time during your R&R. That’s why all of our mobile cabins have the self catering option of a toaster, fridge, kettle and BBQ for you to enjoy a hearty brunch of the regions favourite crêpes. Deliciously sweet crêpes can be eaten with sugar and jams such as the suzette, or the savoury crêpes can be eaten with eggs, cheese, bacon or a combination and, the best part, you can find these in the local shops!

This holiday, stay in bed for longer and dine at your own leisure.


woman resting in bed with hands beside her head


Take Your Time, It’s Your Holiday

People like to holiday in particular ways. Some enjoy sitting down on their first night and mapping out an itinerary for the rest of the week (or two weeks… or three), while others prefer to discover as they ramble through the local towns and villages, such as Quimper, a stunning arts and culture town nestled between the Odet and Steir rivers with a maze like warren of twisting streets to explore.

However you choose to holiday, if you want to teach yourself to relax and unwind, don’t rush. Take in the scenery. Enjoy the mix of languages and let the weight slip off of your shoulders. You’re in no hurry, there’s no time limit on how long you spend exploring the local area so don’t worry about meeting deadlines. On your holiday, time shouldn’t matter.


Top view of a young woman covered in a blanket and drinking tea at home


Cut Off from the World

There are many things that can stress us out at home. Family, friends, work and local disputes… When on your holiday these things shouldn’t touch you, so don’t let them. Try disconnecting, if not for the entirety of your holiday, than at least for a day. Put your phone in your pocket and leave it there. Visit the quaint medieval town of Concarneau with its fortified walls and attractive harbour, or perhaps you’d enjoy a leisurely boat trip down the oceanic Odet River where our world of tarmac and concrete gives way to lush vegetation.

Enjoy the beauty of a new country without thinking about your emails or Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram accounts. Switch off from your digital devices and experience a relaxation you haven’t felt in years.


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We pride ourselves on our customer service and our ability to cater for your individual needs. Whether you’d like to spend a couple of hours enjoying a quality swimming pool, or whether you’d love to experience a new sport such as tennis or kayaking, we’ve got everything you need. For more information contact us today on 07977 458126 or follow us on Google+, Facebook and Twitter for the latest holiday information!


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