Holiday How-Tos: Build the Perfect Sandcastle

One of the most exciting aspects of any holiday in Brittany is the beautiful beaches, complete with golden sands and unmarked blue skies – if you’re lucky at least!

The beach makes the perfect day out for a family because it offers the thrill of the surf, the opportunity to sit back and doze off with a book, plenty of excuses for ice cream and, of course, the chance to build a sandcastle.

If you’ve been on a lot of beach holidays then you’ll know that every year one family will be sitting back smugly while admiring the perfect sandcastle that they’ve just conjured up out of sand and, presumably, magic. This year, we want to help you become that family: build the sandcastle to rival all others and make your children’s day in the process!

Step 1: The Perfect Sand

Sand Castle Horizontal

To create a sandcastle that won’t crumble at the slightest hint of a breeze, you need slightly damp sand, however don’t make the mistake of heading down to the edge of the ocean and collecting sand that’s been completely drenched. No – for the perfect turrets you need the perfect sand, and that means just the right amount of water.

Instead, drizzle small amounts of water to help the sand bond together – around one bucket of water for every 50 buckets of sand. After your sand is suitable damp, pack it together tightly to help it drain and voila, you’re ready to begin working with your ideal building material.

Step 2: The Perfect Tools

Got your bucket and spade handy? Ten out of ten for preparation, but unfortunately we’re going to have to ask you to put them to one side, as your hands will be the best tools for building a castle that’s really something spectacular. If you can’t bear to tear yourself away from the bucket and spade for too long then we’ll let you use them – but only to collect up some of that ever important sand. All of the building is down to you.

Instead of spending half of the afternoon ferrying water to and fro, now is also the time to dig a water channel which leads straight from the sea up to wherever you’re setting up camp with the beach towels and the picnic.


Step 3: The Perfect Foundations

One of the mistakes that a lot of people make when they first try to progress from the simple bucket castle to something a little more complex is forgetting the importance of good foundations. Don’t start with the intricate architecture that you hope will set your castle apart… just build a massive pile of sand.

You heard us right, just lump it all together until it’s at the right height and width, being sure to pack it all together and make sure it’s nice and strong as you go. All of this groundwork will make the next step a lot easier…

Step 4: The Perfect Details

Adding the details! This is the fun part, so call back the rest of the family from their adventures in the rock pools or the waves and get everybody involved in carving out the castle within. Use your palms to shape towers, walls and turrets, and your forefinger for scooping out unwanted sand to create arches, windows, battlements and that all important moat.

Father and daughter at beach

Step 5: The Perfect Sandcastle

There you have it: the perfect sandcastle! Add shells, seaweed or even a homemade flag for decoration and watch as other holidaymakers look on in awe. Armed with these instructions, you really can’t go wrong.

If all of this has got you ready to book your next holiday to Brittany then we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch online or at 07977 458126.

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