High Adrenaline Attractions in Brittany

Although for many people, holidays in Brittany are all about relaxing and soaking up the sites, that’s certainly not the only way to experience this exquisite part of the world! For those of you with a little bit more energy pumping through your blood, here are some high adrenaline activities to check out while you’re there:

Motor Racing

Deep in the heart of Brittany, you can hear the roar of engines and the screech of rubber against the asphalt – this is the Lohéac racetrack, and it’s where anybody with a passion for four wheels can take to the track. Even if driving a racing car is something you’ve only ever done in your dreams, the HMC School will be happy to accommodate you, with a team of instructors ready to offer everything from initiation to high-speed sessions for ‘he who dares’…

Sand Yachting

Somewhere between the yacht and the go-cart there sits the sand yacht, a sail powered vehicle which you control as it whizzes across – you guessed it – the sand. There are dozens of companies offering sand yachting across Brittany’s many glorious beaches, and with two-seater carts for adults and children, this is something for the whole family.


Brittany is absolutely loaded with beautiful surf spots, with many popular spots such as La Torche – although often the surf conditions are just as good at the quieter beaches. If you’re hoping to pick up the sport for the first time then you won’t be disappointed, as there are also loads of great options for surf schools and instructors, with the chance to pick it up from scratch or master your art and become a surfing expert.


Whether you’d prefer to clamber up the branches of a 130 foot tree or find yourself scrambling to the top of a rock face, Brittany will have a climbing opportunity to suit your tastes. Either way, safety will come first, as you will be both strapped into a harness and taught the best techniques for avoiding falls and keeping steady as you climb. And if you decide to make yourself at home in the trees then you can even get to grips with the art of ‘accrobranche’, which puts less emphasis on getting to the top of the tree and more on moving between the trees with ropes and bridges, learning about  the natural environment as you climb.

Helicopter Flights

Think you’ve seen everything Brittany has to offer you? Well, now it’s time to see it from the air! Helicopter flights can take you soaring over the beautiful bays and landmarks of the region. They can even give you the opportunity to see the sites which are not accessible by the land, ensuring that you soak up everything that this stunning part of the world has to offer.


For the ultimate adrenaline rush there’s only one choice that makes sense – parachuting. Feel the full rush of wind against your skin as you fall freely through the air, before the parachute opens and you find yourself drifting serenely  through the sky; it’s the closest any of us will ever come to actual flying! Tandem parachute jumping gives you the opportunity to experience the full effects with an instructor strapped securely to your back, allowing you to feel safe and care-free as the Brittany landscape opens up in front of you.

After all of this thrill seeking, you’ll need somewhere to touch base and unwind, and our self-catering and mobile home holiday accommodation will give you the perfect space to relax and relive the heady experiences of the day. Contact us at 07977 458126 to find out more and discuss all of your holiday needs with a member of our experienced team.

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