Framing the Perfect Holiday Photos

Holidays are about seeing a new place, enjoying its food and culture and, above all having fun! Whether you like to visit museums or just soak in the sun, when you go on holiday, you want to preserve your memories forever. Taking photos is a great way of doing just that, and ensuring that you don’t forget the intricate details of all the beautiful sights you saw. But you don’t want to just snap away without thinking about it – take a moment to set up your holiday photos artistically, and you’ll have memories you want to frame and show off forever!


Move Your Main Focus Off-centre

You probably know the old way of taking a photo: point your camera at your subject, centre it, and shoot. Most of your photos might have used this traditional, fail-safe method, but why not try something slightly different?

Instead of focusing on what you want to photograph, why not frame it to the right or to the left? The ‘Rule of Thirds’ in photography is just what you need. Picture your scenery divided in three parts, both horizontally and vertically. Your photography subject should be framed over one imaginary line before you snap your photo.

 American staffordshire terrier dog


Tilt the Camera

When taking photos, you probably try your best to stay as still as possible, and have your camera as straight as you can get it. This results in the same style of photos over and over, so let’s try something new.

Tilt your camera to the sides, or try different angles to get your subject from another perspective. Shooting from an elevated position makes objects smaller, and shooting from a lower position makes them bigger.


Work with the Sun

Light can be your worst enemy or your best friend in photography, so learning to use it properly will save you from boring-looking photos. Get up with the sun for some spectacular sky-coloured photos, and wait for the sunset for similar effects.



Catch Your Friends off Guard

Have you tried getting everyone to stay still, keep the radiant smile on, and make a spectacular pose for you to take a photo? It might seem like a great idea, and it can turn out beautiful, but sometimes photo smiles can look fake – especially if you take a few more seconds and the smile becomes difficult to hold.

Catching people off guard isn’t only funny, but also results in beautiful spontaneous photos. Getting real smiles and capturing genuine fun and moments makes for great memories.



Reflect on It!

For completely different photos, instead of taking a picture of your subject, you can often focus on its reflection. It gives your photo a unique look while preserving what you photographed. It might just be the trick for your photos to have a professional look.


Take Many, Many Photos

The more photos you have, the better the chance of having the perfect shot. It does exist; it’s simply sometimes hidden in-between your other attempts at getting a professional shot.

But remember, have fun! We can’t stress this enough; you’re on holiday, so don’t stress too much. If you relax, your photos will look much more natural.


Here at Jantom Holidays your happiness is our top priority, and we want you to enjoy your holidays and have a relaxing time. Give us a call on 07977 458126 or contact us to enquire about bookings.

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