Food and Drink From Finistère

Finistère is one of Brittany’s four departments. Its name comes from the Latin Finis Terrae, which means the end of the earth. Finistère is the most westerly department in France and is rich in history and culture. The maritime traditions are famous; Finistère is a coastal mecca with delightful seaside resorts and fishing ports.

Brittany’s cuisine is rich and varied, especially in Finistère. Its affluent fishing grounds are harvested by Finistère’s 4,000 fishermen. As a leading fresh fish producer, Finistère makes up 25% of the national catch.


Gourmet seafood is very easy to find in Finistère. The Loctudy port’s speciality catch, sweet tasting langoustines, are advertised in the restaurants as ‘demoiselles de Loctudy’ or young ladies of Loctudy. You can stroll along the streets and find amazing restaurants with ‘cotriade’, or fish stew, and heaped plates of seafood.

This iconic platter arrives piled high with mussels, ‘fruits de mer’, oysters, clams, winkels, and langoustines. You will experience different platters depending on the port, but they are all delicious meals for lunch on a warm, sunny day.



The traditional dish ‘Kig ha farz’ is made from local port and vegetables, and can sometimes include beef. This popular dish is literally translated to “meat and stuffing”; it’s a hearty dish with tender meat and a stuffing-type mixture, the Farz, based on buckwheat. It’s cooked in a muslin bag and it provides the dish with a grainy texture.

Finistère is a supplier of high-quality carrots, cauliflowers, and artichokes among other early vegetables. The pink ‘Rose de Roscoff’ onions are famous – they were once sold in England in bicycles of the ‘Onion Johnnies’, which are stereotypical Frenchmen wearing berets and stripy shirts.


Beer and Cider

The first French cider to receive the label ‘appellation contrôlée’, was the Cornouaille cider. The 100% naturally made cider is pure juice. The effervescence added to the seven varieties of apple adds delightful bubbles to the amazing flavour.

Traditional breweries have been part of Brittany’s culture since the early 1800s. Their activity has begun anew in Finistère, with numerous variations of beer: you will find high-quality brews of amber, russet, blonde, organic, with seaweed, and with honey, amongst many others.

Wine Glasses


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