Family Friendly Fun in Brittany

Brittany offers families lots of exciting things to see and do! Apart from the beautiful beaches, there are dozens of family friendly activities to enjoy – you’ll definitely have no problem making the most out of your visit.

Whatever age you are, the following activities are perfect for everyone to enjoy!

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Engage Your Brain at Enigmaparc

Enigmaparc is a definitely worth a visit when staying in Brittany. It’s an indoor activity centre in which you are invited to solve riddles, make your way through crazy mazes and play games that stimulate your mind. You have to cross 12 different “worlds” – finding clues that will help you solve the “main mystery.”

Visitors are advised to set aside 4 hours in order to properly enjoy the games! Your children will love being called upon to use their skills to solve lots of exciting problems!

Enjoy Vannes Aquarium

Aquariums provide families with something fun to do that everyone will enjoy! L’Aquarium de Vannes is one of the most popular in Brittany – especially with children!  It is home to some brilliant creatures such as seahorses and clown fish.

The aquarium gives you something to do that is out of the sun for a couple of hours and educates children on fascinating marine world from around the world.

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Delve into the History of Brittany

Do your children love listening to stories about kings and princesses? For history loving kids, Brittany is the perfect destination. There are lots of fascinating castles to visit within the Brittany region – some that date as far back as the Middle Ages. A lot of castles have been reconstructed over the years to provide an accurate representation of what life would have been like for the royalty that once lived inside the walls.

For children a little older who are looking for more information, there are lots of interesting museums to visit! Our favourites are the WW2 museums that provide an insight into the historic events that happened in France during this time.

Explore Poul-Fetan Village

Poul-Fetan is another way to explore the rich history of Brittany! The village of Poul-Fetan is steeped in traditional – it has been restored to look like a traditional Breton village. It’s populated with fun actors who act out what it would have been like many years ago.

You can explore the entire village, which includes farm buildings, fields and houses. You are invited to spend the day as a rural Breton worker, whether this is in food production, wool spinning or agriculture. You will also be able to try some food that has been cooked the old fashioned way! It provides hours of fun for the whole family!

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