Discover the Best Time to Book a Holiday

As a holiday maker, you’re always told the best time to book a holiday without really being given the facts. Of course, there are factors which may affect your decision as to whether you want to head out on holiday to a certain destination at a specific time of year, but they’re always the same.

Whether it’s well timed so you can jet off during the school holidays, or heading out to catch a festival or event, finding the perfect time to go on holiday might seem like a restriction rather than a choice.

But, does it really have to be this way? Here at Jantom Holidays, we’ve decided to give you a factual guide to the best time to come and visit us here in Brittany – ignoring all the usual reasons!

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For the Hottest Weather

The climate in Brittany is usually quite mild, so many people don’t tend to flock to the area for the weather alone.


However, it does warm up quite a bit during the summer months, with August reaching temperatures of 22°C and averaging at 18 °C over the month. The warmer weather is a great excuse to get out and about in Brittany and actually explore what the area has to offer – something that’s not completely possible when the weather is cold and wet!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect temperature to take on one of the many walks around Brittany, or just simply want to head out into the sun where you won’t feel like you’re melting with every step, August is the perfect month to visit us!

Least Amount of Rainfall

You may think that because August is the hottest month, it will also be the driest.

However, it turns out that September is the driest month in the Brittany calendar, dropping around 24 mm of rain per day as opposed to 26 mm in August.

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Although you probably won’t be able to completely avoid the rain, September is the ideal month to visit if you’re wanting to head out and about in the beautiful, natural countryside with  a lower chance of getting wet.

In fact, the average temperature only drops two degrees from August’s average, so it makes for the perfect outdoor activity weather!

The Warmest Sea

There’s nothing like heading out for a paddle or a swim in the ocean. There’s just something refreshing about wading out and cooling down on the hottest days in the vast ocean, and in Brittany, it’s no different.

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Again, August takes the lead on this one, with an average sea temperature of 19°C, making it a comfortable temperature to spend your day floating and frolicking in the sea – something that everyone can enjoy, especially on those days where it heats up to 22°C!

Even if you don’t head out into the sea, this warmer sea temperature means warmer sea winds, reducing the chances of getting chilly as you walk down our beautiful coastline!

Most Sunlight

If you’re someone who enjoys making the most of your time on holiday and wants to spend every waking moment exploring what your destination has to offer, then you’re probably wanting to find out what day has the most sunlight.

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June is by far the brightest month of the year for Brittany, with a huge 11 hours of sunlight to enjoy on average, making it possible to fit in all those outdoor activities in! It might not be the hottest of months, but that makes it perfect for those who love getting out and hiking – the cooler you are, the more comfortable you’ll be when taking on that challenging hike, right?

We’re a little biased and think that Brittany is beautiful all year round – rain or shine! If we’ve inspired you to head to our beautiful part of the world, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today! We’d be happy to help you arrange your stay with us, no matter when you decide to visit!



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