Bon Appetit: Your Guide to Breton Cuisine

Brittany is a stunning region with a rich culture, and if you are staying in one of our holiday rentals in France you will certainly want to sample some delicious Breton cuisine.


Brittany is surrounded by sea, and it is because of this that the region features some of the best seafood in the world. Sample the locally-sourced produce in famous Breton dishes such as cotriade, a fish stew with potatoes that’s traditionally served over a toasted baguette, and regional favourite la lotte à l’armoricaine, which is monkfish in a special sauce.

You can sample the delicious Breton seafood in restaurants all across the region, or cook your own using fresh seafood, which is readily available at local town markets.

Sweet Treats

Brittany has many sweet treats on offer to satisfy your sugar cravings. The famous and very popular crepe, a very thin pancake, is often associated with the region of Brittany, and is easily available throughout all of France. Far Breton is another popular Breton delicacy, and is a flan-style dessert with custard and dried fruit.

Other sweet foods that are popular in Brittany include kouign amann, a rich butter cake, galette, a type of crusty cake or pancake similar to a crepe, and galette-saucisse, a hot sausage wrapped in a galette.


Beers and other alcoholic beverages are very popular in Brittany. One beverage that is particularly popular in Brittany is chouchen, a form of mead that is usually made by fermenting honey in water.

Brittany has a long history of brewing beer, and a variety of different beers are still distributed by Breton brewers, including Telenn Du, which is made from buckwheat.

Breton cuisine has so much to offer, and if you are visiting Brittany, it is definitely worth being a little adventurous and sampling what the locals have to offer. If you are looking for accommodation in Brittany, Jantom Holidays has a wide variety of rentals to suit groups of any size. Contact us today by calling 07977 458126.

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