Autumn in Brittany

Brittany is stunning all year around but, when the month of September comes to an end and the seasons change, nature transforms its vibrant greens into golden, red hues. Whether you prefer a weekend getaway or a week-long trip, Brittany provides stunning views during autumn.


Paimpont Forest

Located in Paimpont and near the city of Rennes, Paimpont forest is thought to be the Arthurian forest of Brocéliande. Full of oaks, broadleaf trees, and beeches, the forest is a fairy-tale place with medieval reputation connected to mysteries and magic.

Residents say it’s still possible to see the tree in which the Lady of the Lake imprisoned Merlin, while a 19th Century legend claims that Paimpont forest has Merlin’s tomb, the castle of the Lady of the Lake (Hotié de Vivianne), and the Fountain of Youth. Its trees turn a stunning myriad of reds, yellows and browns during Autumn – a sight you can’t miss!


Cidre Bouché

The wines of Brittany are varied, beautiful drinks, but if you prefer something a little bit different, then pure apple cider is just what you need. The centuries’ old tradition of collecting apples during autumn in Brittany translates to the wonderful Cidre Bouché; every year at the cidery, the best apples are sorted manually and used to produce Cidre Bouché, ‘cider with a cork’, which is 100% pure apple juice cider.


Quai des Bulles Festival (28th to 30th October)

Located in the port city of Saint-Malo, the Quai des Bulles Festival is held during October and provides a unique experience. Cartoons and comics are featured during the festival, with authors and artists travelling from all over the world to showcase their work along seven exhibitions.

The famous “City of Corsairs”, Saint-Malo was initially constructed on a rocky island at the mouth of the Rance estuary, to better allow control of the sea and trades. In modern times, Saint-Malo is seen as one of France’s most beautiful channel ports.



While still out and about in Saint-Malo, you can visit one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites and one of the most popular tourist attractions in France: Mont Saint-Michel, which has been built over time since the 8th Century. According to legend, the Archangel Michael ordered Aubert, Bishop of Avranches, to build this regal abbey in his name on the Mont.

Dinan, overlooking the river Rance, is easily accessible from Saint-Mal. The medieval town is filled with perfectly preserved wooden buildings and massive walls enclosing the town over a distance of 3km.

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