Activities in Brittany that Can’t Be Missed

Brittany has so many activities to offer that will make for the perfect family holiday. At Jantom Holidays, we want to ensure that you have the best holiday experience possible, so here is our list of must-do activities for when you visit Brittany.


Brittany is the home of countless sandy beaches that make it the perfect seaside resort for the whole family. With over 2800 km of stunning coastline, Brittany can offer you long days of basking in the sunshine, building sandcastles and chasing waves. Make the most of the beautiful weather and get the family down to the beach!


If you want to immerse yourself in the local culture, there are many festivals to enjoy all year round. Traditional Breton music festivals are a fun activity to get the whole family involved, featuring bagpipe music, dance and food. A lot of these events are also free of charge, so they make for a great activity for family holidays in France.


Sailing has always been a popular activity in Brittany, and the region plays host to some of the most popular races in the world. You can hire yachting and sailing equipment from most yacht clubs on the coastline, so enjoy a day on the waves with the whole family and bask in the Breton sunshine.

These are just some of the many activities on offer in the beautiful region of Brittany. If you are considering Brittany for your next family holiday, Jantom Holidays can provide you with the perfect holiday rental. For more information, contact us today by calling 07977 458126.

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