5 Secrets of Brittany You’ll Fall In Love With

After a lot of deliberation, you decided on taking your family for a holiday to Brittany. You’ve booked your accommodation, packed everything bar the kitchen’s sink and piled the kids and the dog in the car for the Channel crossing. And now you are there, watching the deep-blue Atlantic and the steep cliffs, and when you are about to let out a sigh of satisfaction your twelve-year-old daughter says: ‘but this looks just like England!’

Well, yes. The landscapes – and the weather – may be, in some aspects, similar, but Brittany is very different and it has many secrets to surprise your family with. Just wait and see!

Brittany Coastline, France


  1. The Hermine

If your six-year-old son is bored, there is a very entertaining game you can all play: find the blanche hermine! The ermine is a sweet – and lethal – animal, and the symbol of the region. You can find it on many buildings and street corners, as if it was hiding before attacking its next prey!

Why the Britons love it so much it’s a mystery – or not, as it’s very cute. Local legends say that Anne de Bretagne saved an ermine from being hunted. She did so after observing how the animal kept fighting both hunters and dogs, even when almost dead. She not only let it live but decided to use it as a symbol of the power of Brittany.

  1. Galettes

They don’t have these in England, don’t they? And after trying them, your children won’t want to come back to pancakes or scones, so remember that we warned you! Galettes are a very special kind of savoury crepes – don’t try to copy the recipe at home, only the locals know the secret ingredient to have that unique extra crunchiness. You can have them with saucisses – sausages – bacon, cheese and mushrooms. The perfect breakfast if you’re planning a hiking day!

  1. The Kir Breton

We keep going with food because, well, you’re in France, so you know you’ll be earning a few pounds – unless you counteract them with a daily vigorous swim in the Atlantic. This time it’s a delicious drink that you and your other half can enjoy whilst the kids and the dog play at the beach. It is usually served as an aperitif, and it consists of refreshing cider mixed with liquor – like blackcurrant or cherry. It’s as delicious as a dessert, and the cider, unique to this region, makes it something you’ve never tasted before.


  1. Collecting Seafood

This is the number one family activity in Brittany – seriously. Before you frown, give it a think: it’s something you can do all together, there is a challenge in it – who picks the most mussels wins, of course – you can talk and joke whilst you do it plus in the end everyone enjoys a delicious prize. What else can you ask for?

Besides, this is a great chance to join the locals. They’ll be happy to help you and share some tips to perfect your technique – but don’t expect them to reveal you where the best spots are!


  1. Land of Legends

Coming to Brittany is also the perfect occasion to tell your children about the adventures of King Arthur and his loyal knights. The fairy-like landscapes have been described in many myths – and narrating these stories whilst being in the real place is a truly magic experience they won’t ever forget!

For instance, the forest of Broceliande – which is about two hours away from our accommodation, but surely is worth the trip – is where King Arthur’s knights started their quest to find the Holy Grail, and it’s also where Merlin settled after falling in love with the fairy Viviane.

What are you waiting for? In just one click you can book great holidays in Brittany, and you can be sure they will be an experience that everyone in your family will remember in the years to come. Check out our self-catered accommodation in Brittany and contact us with any enquiry, we’ll be delighted to help!


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