4 Things to Do and See in Quimper

Quimper is the capital of the Finistère department in Brittany, in the north-west of France. The name comes from the Breton kemper that means ‘confluence of rivers’ due to the city having been built in a place where several rivers meet. Located 485 km from Paris, it’s 15km from the Atlantic coast and about 18km from our wonderful Jantom Holidays location.

It’s considered to be the cultural heart of Brittany, and the city of art and history, as it sports a vast cultural and historical background. You can walk through the city and visit the stunning buildings located in Quimper or visit a local park, for a fun-filled holiday!

Musée des Beaux-Arts

One of the most important museums of France, the Musée des Beaux-Arts was founded after Jean-Marie de Silguy (1785-1864) left an important collection of European paintings to the city. This impressive collection of 1200 paintings and 2000 drawings were subject to a condition: the construction of a museum by the city to house the collection.

The museum’s construction began in 1869; the city acquired a piece of land and in 1867 a famous architect called Joseph Bigot won the architectural competition. The museum was inaugurated in 1872 and it holds a wide range of expositions and famous paintings.


Cathédrale St-Corentin

This Roman Catholic cathedral is considered a national monument of Brittany. St Corentin was the cathedral’s first bishop and venerated as a saint due to the legend that he would cut an end piece of a fish near his hermitage to feed himself, and the fish would then regenerate.

This impressive piece of 12th Century Gothic religious architecture was built in intervals until the 19th Century. Located in Quimper and the seat of the Diocese of Quimper-Leon, the cathedral bends slightly to follow the contours of the region and to avoid an area that was swampy when it was constructed.


Festival de Cornouaille

This annual festival has been held every July since 1923 and it’s one of the biggest cultural events in Brittany. It has an impressive 200 shows and concerts throughout the few days it runs, and it attracts almost 400,000 visitors. The Festival de Cornouaille showcases the Breton culture and the Celtic culture with bagpipe players and other wonderful music.


Camping du Port de Plaisance

If you want to stay closer to your accommodation, the fantastic water park of Port de Plaisance, where we’re based here at Jantom Holidays, is situated a few minutes from the gorgeous sandy beaches of Bénodet. The park has indoor swimming pools, slides, outdoor pools, aquatic sports, an aerial runway, pony rides, an adventure trail with rope bridges, and much more.

Bénodet’s coast gives you the opportunity to try amazing water-sports like yachting, dingy sailing, and catamaran. You can visit the two local golf clubs, the beautiful white sandy beaches, or the fishing ports. You can partake in the local gastronomy or relax by the pool in the park while you take advantage of the poolside restaurant, the bar with free Wi-Fi, or the library. You won’t have a dull moment!


With summer just around the corner, a fun-filled stay abroad is just what the doctor ordered. Here at Jantom Holidays we’re situated in the lovely Brittany, France, to provide you with the perfect holiday destination. If you want to know more about our offers, you can contact us on +44(0)7977 458126 or (0) 1512 914984 to talk to our friendly team.

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